Some Common Reasons Why Heat Pumps Trip Circuit Breakers

It can be frustrating if your heat pump keeps tripping your circuit breaker; however, you need to realize that your circuit breaker is an essential home safety feature. It is designed to protect your electrical circuit from damage caused by an overload or short circuit.

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping, do not reset it. Doing so will allow your heat pump to run without being tripped. This can lead to the development of an extremely hazardous situation. Repeated tripping can indicate an error that needs to be evaluated and rectified.

To solve the problem, you need to get to the root of it. With this thought in mind, let’s take a look at some common reasons why heat pumps trip circuit breakers found by South Placer Heating & Air, central air conditioning experts in Rocklin.

Clogged Air Filters

Over time, air filters get clogged with contaminants such as dust, dander, and pollen. Filters should be replaced every 30 to 90 days. If you haven’t replaced your filters in a long time, they may have got clogged.

Clogged filters restrict airflow, sending the heat pump into overdrive. When this happens, the heat pump draws more power than usual, causing the breaker to trip.

Electrical Issues

Frayed or faulty wiring can cause a circuit breaker to trip. If your circuit breaker is nearing the end of its useful life, check whether it is giving an inaccurate reading (a common issue with old circuit breakers). If other appliances are tripping, your heat pump may not be the culprit.

Dirty Condenser Coils

When the coils of your heat pump’s condenser get dirty, the system has to work harder than usual to heat/cool your home. It consumes more energy, causing the circuit breaker to trip.

To prevent this from happening, have your system inspected and maintained by a technician at least once every year. During a maintenance session, your technician will clean your condenser coil. Clean coils save money and are less susceptible to failure.

Blocked Vents

Blocked vents are unable to circulate conditioned air. This restricts airflow, which in turn can lead to an overload. Make sure your vents are not blocked by rugs, furniture, carpets, curtains, and couches.

Motor Problems

Excess friction between different components of your blower motor is a recipe for disaster. When friction between different parts increases, your motor needs more power than usual. When the demand on the circuit is too high, it trips to prevent overheating. If your motor makes weird noises, this may be what’s happening.

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