Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Safe

Air conditioners are one of the most important appliances in our homes. With proper maintenance, an average air conditioning system can last 15-20 years. How you use your air conditioner has a major impact on its lifespan and performance. If you are making mistakes with your air conditioner, it may develop serious issues and break...
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How Air Ducts Impact Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Air ducts are one of the most crucial components of an HVAC system. An HVAC air duct is designed to move air in and out of the home. The health of your air ducts has a major impact on the efficiency of the system, home comfort, and indoor air quality. Malfunctioning air ducts force your...
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Frequently Asked Questions About Ductless AC Systems

When choosing an air conditioning system, you need to be certain that it is the right model for your home. Central air conditioning systems are ideal for homes with existing ducts. However, if you have an old home with no existing ductwork, consider investing in a ductless system. To help you decide whether a ductless...
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Air Conditioning Tips & Tricks You Must Know!

Thanks to global warming, household air conditioning has become ubiquitous. When temperatures soar, your air conditioning system comes to your rescue and helps maintain your indoor air quality and comfort. How you maintain and use your air conditioning system has a major impact on its performance and longevity. Here are some tricks to get the...
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How AC Temperature Settings Impact Costs

Air conditioners are one of the most useful household devices. When temperatures rise, your AC helps maintain the livability of your home by cooling different areas. However, air conditioners consume more energy than fans. If you use multiple air conditioners, summer means high energy consumption and high electricity bills. One of the most important factors...
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