What Size Central Air Conditioner Should I Buy?

It’s critical to know the right size of an air conditioner when you are looking for a new unit. An incorrect sized unit won’t be able to properly cool your home during the summer. If your AC is too small, the constant running will drive up your energy bill. While an oversized air conditioner will...
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6 Tips to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Like every piece of household equipment, ACs need regular care and maintenance. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the importance of maintaining their units regularly until their units stop working and leave them in a tough situation. Routine maintenance is key to keeping your AC at maximum efficiency. Regular maintenance prevents issues and saves you both...
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11 Things to Try When Your Furnace is Not Working

Often, a furnace problem can prove to be overly complicated. Imagine your heater malfunctioning on a freezing cold night. What would you do if you’re cold and the thermostat isn’t set right or when your furnace completely stops running? Here are 11 things you should try before calling a repairman from a furnace repair company...
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Seriously, Avoid These 3 AC Issues

With the summer season, comes the scorching heat. The last thing you want to deal with on a sweltering day with high humidity is a broken air conditioner. Although needing an AC repair service could be frustrating in the moment. It’s even more frustrating to find out that you could have prevented your issue by...
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When Is It Time to Fix My AC Unit?

Imagine spending time without AC on hot scorching summer days. Even one day without your air conditioner can make it feel like an eternity. Air conditioners do more than just cool a room. They also distribute and regulate the air and remove unhealthy contaminants like mold and pollen. ACs also reduce the amount of airborne...
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