When to Replace Your Central Air Conditioning System

The warm and temperate climate in El Dorado Hills makes it necessary to invest in a central air conditioning system. Regardless of how well you maintain this system, there will be a stage when you would have to replace it. When your central AC malfunctions or does not perform optimally, it will lead to poor...
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Are You Concerned About Your AC Short Cycling?

If your air conditioning unit is turning on and off frequently, you may be dealing with something known as short cycling. While this is a common air conditioning problem many homeowners face, it can also turn into a costly repair if it is not caught and fixed in time. Listed below are a few of...
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Is Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Finding a pool of water when you wake up in a place it doesn’t belong, can certainly be a major cause of concern. Most homeowners begin to panic worrying where the leak is coming from, and more importantly, how much will it cost to be fixed. Let us not forget the damage a leak can...
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