South Placer Heating and Air’s highly trained technicians are experts at delivering superb service and making sure every repair is done right. Each South Placer Heating and Air tech is NATE-certified and receives hundreds of hours of classroom and field training every year to stay up to date on new equipment and the latest technologies in heating and furnaces.

We’ll troubleshoot and completely diagnose your issue. An itemized cost estimate will be provided prior to doing any work. Our technician(s) will then complete the repair and gladly explain exactly the services that have been provided.

Whether it’s furnace repair in Sacramento or furnace upgrades: South Placer Heating and Air repairs all kinds of heating systems – natural gas, propane, heat pumps, boilers, forced air and beyond.


Go Green and Save Green with a High-Efficiency Furnace
  • Most furnaces just 10 years ago were only 70% – 80% efficient.
  • 20% – 30% of the heat produced was wasted – along with the money you were sending “up the chimney.”
  • Today’s high-efficiency furnaces are 95% efficient or higher.
  • Choose from natural gas or propane high-efficiency furnaces from South Placer Heating and Air.
  • Beyond the savings you can see on your utility bills, you can often save even more with utility rebate programs.

High-efficiency furnaces from South Placer Heating and Air deliver savings, comfort and reliability, but they do require specialized venting and drains – areas where we excel. Contact us today at (916) 246-2089 to see if one of these money-saving units is right for you.


flogoPerhaps your furnace is beyond repair and you’re in need of a new furnace? We are a proud member of the Ruud Pro-Partner team and offer quality furnace systems manufactured by Ruud, a trusted brand since 1897. Call (916) 246-2089 today for more information.


Operating at 80% efficiency, these units can provide exceptional comfort and reliable operation — at a lower initial cost than high-efficiency furnaces. They use traditional double-walled metal exhaust venting, but care must still be taken to properly size and install the furnace to ensure efficiency, comfort and reliability. Contact South Placer Heating and Air at (916) 246-2089 today to learn more.


Modern technology built in to better high-efficiency and standard-efficiency furnaces can dramatically improve comfort and increase energy efficiency. Variable-speed fans are quieter, use substantially less energy, and can provide better comfort than traditional furnace fans.

  • These “smart fans” can actually adjust their airflow to meet the specific requirements of your home.
  • They help overcome many duct restrictions and design problems to enhance your comfort.
  • They can run at very low speeds even without a call for heat, gently mixing the air in your home to reduce hot and cold spots.

Multi-stage and modulating gas valves also improve comfort.

  • Instead of producing maximum heat output with every call for heat, they modulate or stage heat output.
  • Heating is closely matched to the precise needs of your home, even on mild days.
  • They provide more even heating throughout your whole home.

These modern, high-tech systems can solve many comfort problems in your home — and can save you money. But for them to work properly. it is critical that the duct system be evaluated for proper airflow — and leaks — areas where we excel. Contact South Placer Heating and Air today to see if these solutions are right for you.


When you’re in need of dependable furnace repair in Sacramento and surrounding areas, CONTACT or call South Placer Heating and Air today at (916) 246-2089. You can also SCHEDULE A SERVICE CALL or REQUEST AN ESTIMATE now.