South Placer Heating and Air is Now Serving HVAC Repair El Dorado Hills with Air Conditioning Service and More

The professionals at South Placer Heating and Air are now serving El Dorado Hills with air conditioning service in El Dorado Hills and more, and have been serving good folks in Sacramento and Placer counties for over ten years. We pride ourselves on our customer service and on our quality work. We never leave a customer dissatisfied.

South Placer Heating and Air is Now Serving El Dorado Hills

  • Regular maintenance – It is always a good idea to have your furnace or AC unit checked and properly maintained before the start of the high-utilization seasons. This means a spring check-up for your El Dorado air conditioning and a fall inspection for the furnace. The small amount of money you will spend on these services will be more than made up for in lower utility bills, fewer repair charges, and the extended lifespan of your appliances.
  • Timely repairs – Whether you need an emergency repair immediately – it doesn’t matter if it is overnight, on the weekend, or on a holiday – or on a more leisurely basis, our expert HVAC technicians are ready to help you 24/7. If you find yourself in a bind and want to keep your family and friends feeling comfortable in the summer heat or the winter cold, call us. We will be there ASAP.
  • New system installations – South Placer Heating and Air is a proud member of the Ruud Pro-Partner team, so we are a little partial to their high-quality equipment. However, we will work with a homeowner to find and install the best HVAC system to fit both their needs and their budget. Call us for a free estimate or to schedule an in-store appointment. We will be happy to oblige.

For more information on the heating and air conditioning services in El Dorado Hills provided by South Place Heating and Air for the residents of the El Dorado Hills area, please contact us online at or reach us directly at 916-246-2089.