Things to Do and Check Before You Call an Emergency Rocklin Air Conditioning Repair Service

Finding and calling an emergency air conditioning repair service in Rocklin can be difficult. Timing these calls can be the difference between massive expenses and cheap fixes, but you also risk making a call for no good reason. You should always make sure that you need to make the call, and our team at South Placer Heating and Air will cover the key things to check and do before you enlist the help of an emergency air conditioning service.

Filter Examination

Examine your system’s filters for dust, dirt, and changes in color. These are indications that they need to be replaced. Dirt buildup can slow down performance and prevent your system from delivering a powerful airflow necessary for clean air. Always insert new filters first and check if your system’s performance improves.

Pollutant Buildup

Check for particles that might be blocking vents, coils, and grills. The outside environment is full of dust and dirt and, over time, these pollutants can cause some major blockages and disrupt airflow. Always check to see if you can take care of this buildup yourself before calling emergency air conditioning repair.


Always make sure that the conditioner is turned on and nobody switched the apparatus off by accident. You’d be surprised how many times sudden service failure turns out to simply be a lack of power due to someone knocking the power off. Examine all functions and switches in the delivery of temperature control to determine if the system is working properly.

A Trusted Team

Our team is professional, experienced, and highly trained. All of our team members have a wide variety of skills and offer many services that cover:

  • Gas logs
  • Air cleaning
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Water heaters
  • Electronic thermostats
  • Analysis of energy

Investing in emergency air conditioning repair service in Rocklin can be the difference between a massive outage and temporary downtime. Our team can help you get your system up to par as soon as possible, which is beneficial for your business as a whole. For more information or further questions, give us a call at (916) 246-2089.