Things To Do Before Turning Your AC On This Summer

Summer is almost here. When temperatures begin to soar, you will want to bring your AC out of hibernation. Before you start your AC this summer, follow these tips.

Replace Air Filters 

Air filters are an integral part of an AC. Though small in size, they perform a critical task. Air filters catch contaminants such as mold, dust, dirt, dander, and fungal spores. Functional filters help improve indoor air quality.

Over time, filters become clogged with contaminants. A clogged filter is unable to do its job properly. It can impede airflow and force the unit to work longer and harder. As a result, the system can overheat and break down.

ACs with dirty filters cost more to operate due to two reasons-they consume more electricity than usual to achieve the desired temperature and need frequent repairs.

Before you start using your AC, replace your filters and then every 90 days. If you have kids or aging adults at home or someone in your household has a seasonal allergy, consider changing your filters more frequently-every 60 days or so.

Inspect The Outdoor Unit  

Your AC’s outdoor unit or condenser removes the heat from your home and releases it to the outside air. Without a functional outdoor unit, the air conditioning cycle won’t be complete and the heat in your home will get stuck inside.

Before summer arrives, give your condenser a thorough cleaning. Start by removing large chunks of debris with your hand. Spray water on your compressor unit to get rid of loose debris.

Clean the coils with an AC coil cleaner. Make sure your outdoor unit sits level. This keeps the oil that mixes with the refrigerant moving prevents water from pooling in the pan and minimizes vibrations. Place your outdoor unit on a flat, rigid surface.

Trim vegetation back around your outdoor unit. During inspections, check the fins. Repair or replace bent fins as soon as possible.

Check The Drain Line

The condensate drain line removes the water produced when your AC’s evaporator coil converts refrigerant from a liquid to a gas. Over time, your drain line can become clogged with debris such as pet hair and dust and dirt.

A clogged drain line is no joke. It can cause serious, even irreparable damage to your system and can lead to water damage. It can also create the perfect conditions for mold growth.

Some common signs of blockage in the drain line include standing water, your condensate pan is always full and moldy and musty smell coming from your AC. To clean your drain line, flush white vinegar down it and rinse it with water.

Check Your Ducts

Your AC’s ducts circulate conditioned air throughout your home. Deficiencies in your ductwork can affect your unit’s performance. Leaky and unclean ducts can make your AC work harder and longer and your electricity bill may shoot up.

An overworked AC can develop problems and stop working, leaving you high and dry. When the sun beats down, the last thing you need is an AC that does not cool properly or does not cool at all.

Unaddressed duct issues can get out of hand pretty quickly. To steer clear of issues, have a Roseville air conditioning company periodically clean your ducts.

Many experts recommend cleaning ducts every three-five years. When determining how frequently you should clean your ducts, consider important factors such as your climate and how you use your AC. If someone in your household has an illness you will want to clean your ducts more frequently than the recommended interval of three to five years.

Make sure your ducts are sealed properly. Add insulation to uninsulated areas. If you live in an old house, your ductwork may be dated or irreversible damage may have occurred. If this is the case, your contractor will want to replace your ductwork before summer arrives.

Switch To A Programmable Thermostat

Still using a dated, manual thermostat? Replace it with an advanced programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to set a cooling schedule for your home. If you keep forgetting to set your thermostat before leaving your home, invest in a WiFi thermostat that can be controlled remotely with just a few taps on a phone, tablet or laptop.

When used correctly, an advanced programmable thermostat can help lower cooling costs by up to 30 percent. Programmable thermostats manufactured these days come loaded with advanced features such as Bluetooth and WiFi capability, mobile device syncing and Alexa/Google compatibility.

With a programmable thermostat, you spend less time adjusting the temperature. Pairing a programmable thermostat with your cooling system is a great way to ensure the unit operates at its peak efficiency.

When choosing a programmable thermostat, consider important factors such as your voltage requirement, the type of heating and cooling system you have and the device’s user interface.

You cannot buy a programmable thermostat and forget it. No matter how advanced your thermostat is, it will still need periodic maintenance. A poorly maintained thermostat can generate wrong readings forcing your cooling system to work harder and longer. It also needs frequent repairs.

To prevent performance and other issues, thoroughly clean your thermostat before the cooling season. Check the batteries and replace if necessary. Place the device in a central location in your home, away from heat sources. Choose an area that does not receive direct sunlight or your thermostat may generate inaccurate readings. Repair any frayed wires.

Have A Professional Inspection

To ensure your AC is ready to keep up with the heat this summer, is to have a routine check from a professional. South Placer Heating and Air is a reliable Roseville air conditioning company. Our pros have years of experience designing cooling solutions that tick all the right boxes for our customers. To learn more, call (916) 246-2089.