Use Your Heat Pump Efficiently This Winter

Do you constantly have issues with the optimal functioning of your heat pump? Or more specifically, are you looking to understand how to use your heating systems in Sacramento the right way? Worry not, simply read on.

The Working of a Heat Pump

Heat pumps typically heat a home by taking warmth from the outside and transferring it into your home. You can choose from a split system heat pump as well as ducted multi-heat pump system. Excess warmth from the heater is circulated to rooms through a super-efficient inline ducting fan.

Your home is ventilated with a small amount of drier air via a filtered eave inlet to offset the moisture build-up. Free, filtered air is automatically harvested from your cool roof space to offset heater costs. As air circulates constantly around the house, the rooms are warmed.

Using Your Heat Pump Efficiently

First of all, picking the right model for your area, utilizing it aptly, and conducting regular maintenance are key to reduce your power bill.

Prepare Your Heat Pump for Winter

Make sure to clean your heat pump filter appropriately for winter. This includes both the indoor and outdoor heat pump filter. Unless the placement of the outside unit is difficult to get to, it’s simple to do this yourself.

The Best Way to Make Use of a Heat Pump

Make certain you keep the setting low when using a heat pump. Refrain from setting your heat pump to the maximum as it won’t heat the room any quicker, and will only use more energy. Set it so that it switches on 15 minutes before you need it.

Heat Only the Space You are Using

One trick you can use is to just heat the space you are using. Don’t simply have the heat pumps going in rooms you are not really using. If you are not using it, it is best to turn the heat pump off.

A Few Other Tricks You Can Incorporate

Utilize the timer function to heat the space 15 minutes before you use it. If you can, make sure you get your house insulated. The better you insulate your home, the better it will hold the heat, and the more energy-efficient the heat pump will be. To preserve the inside, see that you close the curtains and doors.

Follow these tips, and you are sure to use your heat pump in an efficient and cost-effective way this winter. If you are in Sacramento and facing trouble with your heating system, waste no time. Contact South Placer Heating and Air at 916-246-2089 right away and one of our experienced technicians will be at your door step in no time at all!