3 Common Furnace Myths Debunked

When the mercury drops, your furnace comes to your rescue. Your furnace heats different parts of your home, making it cozy and welcoming. When it comes to getting the most out of their furnace, many homeowners fail miserably. If you are facing furnace issues such as uneven heating, you might want to analyze the way you are using it before calling a heater repair company in Roseville. Though furnaces are not immune to maintenance and service issues, in many cases, it is the inability of homeowners to understand the ideal way of using their furnace that causes problems. Furnaces have been around for quite some time now, however, myths related to their operation are still doing rounds in the market. Many homeowners wrongly consider these myths as facts. To help improve your quality of life this winter, we provide some common furnace myths.

1. Closing Registers and Vents Will Help Lower Energy Bills

Not true, especially if you are using a forced-air heating system. These systems monitor and balance the air pressure constantly, which helps in distributing heat evenly. Closing vents and registers disturbs the balance, forcing your heating system to go into overdrive mode. To ensure even heating, instead of closing your vents and registers, open them. Make sure there are no objects blocking the flow of air.

2. Setting the Furnace at The Highest Temperature Ensures Swift Heating

Many homeowners wrongly believe that cranking up their thermostat will help heat their homes faster. Furnaces do not work that way. A furnace is designed to heat at the same rate, irrespective of how high the temperature is set. Turn up the temperature, only if you want a warmer home, however, this will reflect in your energy bills sooner or later.

3. Furnace Filters Need to be Replaced Only Before the Beginning of Winter and Summer

If you think replacing the filter once or twice every year can help you steer clear of furnace issues, think again! The frequency at which you need to replace your filters will depend on a number of factors such as your usage pattern, the type and quality of filter you are using, and your location.

Steer clear of these myths to get the most out of your furnace this winter. To ensure smooth operation, get your furnace inspected and maintained regularly. No matter the type of furnace you are using, our team at South Placer Heating and Air can help. To talk to our heating repair experts in Roseville, call 916-246-2089 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.