Air Conditioning Service in Sacramento

If you’re living in or around the state capital of Sacramento, you know the importance of having an air conditioning that works when you need it. However, you also know how expensive it can be to run your AC throughout the year, as this really does begin to add up.

So, what are you supposed to do? With the help of our air conditioning service in Sacramento, you can have your AC inspected, fine-tuned and replaced, if necessary. This way, you’ll always have an energy efficient AC throughout the year. At South Placer Heating and Air, that’s exactly what you’ll receive.

Some of the available AC services Placer Heating and Air offers include:

  • AC Repair
  • AC Inspection
  • AC Installation

AC Repair

A faulty AC can cost you hundreds of dollars annually. If it is not running efficiently it uses up more electricity, which sends your energy bills higher. Bringing in the team at South Placer Heating and Air to perform the air conditioning service in Sacramento can reduce costs. A technician can come out, identify the problem and perform the necessary repair to restore the full functionality of your AC and HVAC system.

AC Inspection

It is recommended to have your AC inspected annually. This way, the vents can be cleaned out and it can receive a fine-tuning. It also helps identify potential issues with the AC ahead of time, so you can correct these small problems before it turns into a much more substantial issue.

AC Installation

Interested in a new AC for your home? Perhaps you’d like to know about the different options now available? Whether you want to go with a ductless option or you’re more interested in a traditional central air system, there are plenty of AC installation options available for your home’s needs.

Get Professional Air Conditioning Service in Sacramento Today

At South Placer Heating and Air, you’ll have access to some of the very best certified, licensed and trained HVAC professionals around Sacramento. So, if you have any additional questions, concerns, or are ready to set up an appointment, all you need to do is contact our team today.