4 Ways to Enhance Your Heating System Efficiency

Now, that the weather is starting to get cold, your heating system is one of the most important appliances in your home. Needless to say, you need to make sure that your system is in tip-top condition, so that your home is always warm and cozy. You can hire professionals that deal in heating systems in Sacramento, to enhance the efficiency of your heating system. With the right service, you will not have to worry about your heating system performing poorly when you need it, to work efficiently, and to provide warmth to you and your family.

4 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Heating System

Here is a look at 4 ways to make sure that your heating system works efficiently.

  1. Service Your System: As mentioned earlier, you should hire a professional to improve the efficiency of your heating system. One of the most important steps to take is ensuring that your heating system is periodically serviced by a professional in heating systems in Sacramento, to keep it running cleanly and efficiently. Getting regular servicing for your system is a must if you want it to perform well.
  2. Keep Your System Moving: Once the warm weather passes, do not allow your ceiling fans to gather dust. To make sure that heat is distributed throughout the room, find the small switch on main body of your fan that reverses the direction of the fan. When there is no breeze, it means that the fan is blowing air upward, and circulating air without causing the room to cool. Hot air that is entrapped in the ceiling will be pushed down along the walls, making you feel warm and cozy, and also, satisfying the thermostat sooner, which in turn saves you money.
  3. Change Filters and Bleed Radiators: If you have installed hot-water radiators in your home, you must “bleed” them so that air gets out of the system when the heating system begins. If you have a forced-air system, you can enhance its performance by ensuring that the filter in the furnace is not clogged. Your individual lifestyle practices and heating system will also determine how often you need to change the filter.
  4. Check for Leaks: Cold spots, and even hot ones, can sometimes be caused by insufficient insulation or even air leaks. No matter how new or efficient your HVAC system really is, if you have air leaks, and your thermal resistance rating (R-value) is low, your home will not be properly sealed and insulated. You can check for air leaks yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

Your heating system plays a critical role in keeping your home warm during the cold months, so making sure that it is working as efficiently as it should. If you are in need of the experts in heating systems in Sacramento, look no further than South Placer Heating and Air. For more information and a free estimate, visit or call today.