Is Your Furnace Going to Survive the Winter?

Winter is finally here. Before the temperatures plummet, take a close look at your furnace to assess whether it would be able to reliably serve you through the winter season. Make sure your furnace is in top shape. Have it inspected and maintained by a certified and experienced technician.

Furnace repair in Sacramento is not always a viable option. If your furnace is too old or its major components are damaged beyond repair, it is time to replace it.

Here are some factors to consider when determining whether your furnace needs repair or replacement.


With proper care and maintenance, a typical furnace can last 15 years. If your furnace is on its last legs, now is the right time to replace it. Older furnaces cost more to run and are less efficient. They draw more electricity, break down more frequently, and require expensive repairs.

If your furnace is more than a decade old, have your contractor take a look at it to determine whether the inevitable could be delayed with repair and maintenance or if you need a new furnace right away. Though a new high-efficiency furnace will cost more upfront, it will save you more money in the long run.

Sights and Sounds

Buzzing, rattling, or humming noises coming from a furnace can indicate a serious issue. In a worst-case scenario involving extensive damage, you may have to replace your furnace.

If you hear weird noises while your furnace is on or smell unusual odors such as metallic odors, a potent rotten egg smell, or musty odors, have your contractor take a look at your furnace.

Once your contractor gets to the root cause of the problem, they will be able to determine whether repair or replacement is a more viable option.

Performance Issues

Like every other household appliance, furnaces lose their efficiency as they age. An inefficient furnace needs more energy to perform its functions and ends up costing more in the long run.

When your furnace draws more energy than usual, your electricity bill goes up. If you notice a sudden and inexplicable increase in your energy bills, your furnace needs immediate attention. Have a certified and experienced contractor take a look at your system.

Besides watching your furnace’s energy use, take notice of temperature variations. There are various causes of uneven heating. Whatever be the reason, uneven heating is often a sign of poor furnace efficiency.

Some other signs indicating a problem with your furnace are short cycling and when the furnace does not stop running.

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