Furnace Not Working| DIY Furnace Troubleshooting & Repairs

There is nothing as bad as feeling too cold after waking up and unable to fall asleep again because your furnace is not working properly. Thankfully, you can repair and diagnose the furnace on your own with a little DIY experience. Listed below are a few problems and guide for fixing them, highlighted by furnace repair service providers in Sacramento.

In order to prepare for the coming winter, it is imperative that your furnace must function properly, and produce ample heat required to maintain warmth in your home environment. There are a number of flaws that must be checked if your furnace begins to blow cool air or stops producing heat.

Is the Power to the Furnace Turned on? If the furnace fan isn’t rotating then inspect the fuse, breaker, and furnace switch. If you find that the breaker has tripped, then inspect the wiring for loose connections and put them back together. Also, look out for burnt spots on the control board of the furnaces and replace it immediately. Look into the blower compartment via the inspection window if the fuse and breaker are intact. If you do not see a flashing light, then you could be dealing with a faulty transformer.

Check the Thermostat: Another common symptom that your furnace may exhibit could be due to a faulty thermostat. If your furnace isn’t functioning optimally, then you must start by inspecting the thermostat. Ensure that the thermostat is turned on and set at a temperature above the room temperature. While troubleshooting, the furnace must be set at its highest setting and observes if it begins to heat.

Furnace Power on and off Frequently: If your furnace seems to be short cycling or overactive, then you could be dealing with a dirty filter or a faulty thermostat. Call the pros to replace these parts and prevent further damage to your furnace. Neglecting this issue may lead to long-term safety issues and poor heating of your indoors.

Sides of the Furnace Heat up: If you find that the sides of your furnace are warm, first allow it to cool before you begin to troubleshoot. Check the inducer motor of the furnace to ensure it is running. Usually, the walls of the furnace begin to heat up when the inducer motor or control board develop a snag.

Furnaces are built to last for several years. But, if your furnace isn’t producing enough heat, or has reached its warranty period then contact South Placer Heating and Air. Our staff has years of experience in providing maintenance services for furnaces and HVAC systems. Contact us today to schedule a service call