Furnace Repair – Understanding the Most Common Furnace Problems in Sacramento

When we get a call for furnace repair in Sacramento, it’s often for the same basic issues.  There are only so many ways that heating systems can go wrong, and sometimes, it’s even in ways that a homeowner could repair themselves.

So, let’s take a look at common problems with heating systems in Sacramento, and whether they need professional assistance.

The 5 Most Common Furnace Repair Issues in Sacramento

1 – Dirty filter

Believe it or not, the most common reason we get called in to repair someone’s heating system is simply that the filter is clogged up.  A clogged filter will cause restricted airflow, uneven heat output, and bad smells to come from the vents.  Plus, virtually all heating systems have filters which are extremely easy to access and replace.  If you’re having issues with your heating system in Sacramento, check the filter before calling anyone.

2 – Tripped circuit breakers

We’ve seen a lot of red faces from this one.  Most people’s HVAC systems are on a separate circuit breaker, so if it gets tripped, nothing else in the house is affected.  If your heater won’t come on at all, check the breaker.

3 – Malfunctioning thermostats

A lot of intermittent or “random” heating system issues are due to a faulty thermostat.  If your heating system is behaving in strange ways you can’t entirely pin down, spend some time punching different commands into your thermostat and see how the heater reacts.  Most furnace repair shops in Sacramento work on thermostats, and you’ll save time and money if you’ve identified the actual problem.

4 – Loose or slipped belts

If you’re having issues with the blower on your heater not coming on or working at low power, there’s a good chance it’s an issue with the physical belts within the system.  We don’t recommend attempting to repair this yourself, but the good news is that it’s usually a quick and cheap fix for a professional.

5 – Ignition issues

Finally, there’s the initial heat source.  If you have an older system, it might have a physical pilot light which simply needs to be re-lit.  Otherwise, if it has a more modern igniter, you’ll want a professional looking into the issue.  

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