Health Care Risks that Can Occur from Poorly Working Air Conditioners in El Dorado Hills

You probably don’t think much about your air conditioner until the hot days of summer arrive. But a poorly maintained El Dorado air conditioning unit that is not regularly serviced could be causing you and your family health problems.

How do dirty Air Conditioners affect health?

Air conditioning units use a lot of moisture and can become contaminated with microorganisms that can affect your health. Air conditioners circulate air throughout an entire room or an entire house, making it very easy for contaminated air to travel and spread. Air conditioners include a unit that sits outside and can become contaminated with hazardous substances such as decomposing animals in or near the unit, mold, fungi and bacteria.

Changing the filter regularly will prevent some health hazards, but a regular maintenance schedule that involves professional cleaning is necessary to properly prevent health hazards. South Placer Heating and Air provides maintenance air conditioning services in El Dorado Hills and surrounding areas.

Health Care Risks that could be caused by your Air Conditioner

A dirty or unmaintained air conditioner could be circulating a number of microorganisms that are harmful to health including:

  • Mold and Fungi. Air conditioners can be the perfect environment for the development of mold and fungi. Mould and fungi feeds off organic matter, so ensuring your air conditioner is free and clean of organic matter is the best way to prevent mold. Mold and fungi cause respiratory and allergic reaction as well as mycotoxins which can lead to serious conditions like pneumonia and bleeding in the lungs.
  • Legionella bacteria causes Legionnaire’s Disease, a serious disease that can cause death. Legionella bacteria thrive in the cool air conditioning environment and can quickly circulate through the air conditioning unit. Bacteria in the air conditioner can also cause allergies and illnesses.

Contact South Placer Heating and Air and set up a regular maintenance schedule to clean your air conditioner and prevent these health hazards.  South Placer Heating and Air provides professional guaranteed air conditioning maintenance services in El Dorado Hills and surrounding areas. We are available 24/7 and experienced in maintaining all makes and models of air conditioners. Contact our team for an appointment today!