Save Energy and Money with Air Conditioning Service in El Dorado Hills

Your air conditioner is a major appliance and uses a considerable amount of energy while running. Although it helps to keep your home comfortable it can also potentially bleed your energy bill, costing you hundreds of dollars every month to use. It may seem like a necessary expense, but there are ways for you to save energy and money by utilizing an energy efficient air conditioning unit. With the help of air conditioning service in El Dorado Hills provided by South Placer Heating & Air, you can invest in an upgraded unit that will save you money every single time you turn it on.

Available Energy Efficient Units

There are many different options when it comes to energy efficient air conditioning units. Sometimes simply upgrading an out-of-date system is all it takes, without switching to a new method of cooling your home. Modern central AC systems can cut down on the amount of energy used without requiring you to use different methods. You can also go with individual room units via ductless cooling. This is a wonderful way if you don’t have ducts already in the house or you want a greater level of control. Your air conditioning service in El Dorado Hills will provide you with the different available options based on your specific household.

Repairs Can Boost Efficiency

Outside of simply upgrading to new systems, you can boost energy efficiency by simply repairing and cleaning the current HVAC unit. Over time, leaks may develop that cause cooled air to flow out of the ventilation system, forcing your AC to work harder than it should. Dirty vents, air ducts and other areas within the AC can cause an increase in energy consumption as well. These issues can be corrected with the help of a professional air conditioning service provider such as South Placer Heating & Air. Receiving an annual HVAC inspection can help correct these issues and boost efficiency without upgrading your system.

South Placer Heating & Air

If you’re interested in cutting down your energy bills and improving the efficiency of your air conditioner, South Placer Heating & Air is here for you. From installing brand new efficiency AC units to providing any in depth air conditioning service in El Dorado Hills, South Placer Heating & Air is your local HVAC service provider. Contact the company today at 916-587-5302 and start your journey towards a more comfortable, energy efficient home.