How to Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit?

With global warming and increasing temperatures, air conditioning units have become a dire need for homeowners across the US, especially in regions where summer days are hotter than usual.

They provide us with cooling comfort throughout the summer season; however, it is possible they might have issues once in a few months. You might find resetting your central air conditioner in Rocklin a great solution to several problems. Still, if it doesn’t help, you should call a professional for an inspection and an appropriate solution.

In this article, our team at South Placer Heating & Air has put together a walkthrough of how to reset your AC unit. If you have tried these steps, and still are not finding your central air conditioner is not working, then it is time to call in the experts. Speak with one of our professional AC technicians by calling (916) 246-2089.

Turn It Off

The first thing you should do is turn off the AC thermostat. After that, find the shutoff switch on your air conditioning unit and turn it off. Turning off the unit is essential to reset it, and it is also a key step taken considering your safety, avoiding any electric shock or any other electrical issues in the unit.

Locate the Circuit Breaker Box

Next, you should look for the circuit breaker box connected to your air conditioner. This box can be found near your main power supply board, usually installed in basement or crawl spaces or just next to your main entry door. Wherever it is installed, you might already know its location. You can simply reach to it and turn the switch off to make sure your AC doesn’t get any power supply.

Wait For Some Time

Once done, wait for at least one or two minutes. It is important because the internal components of your AC unit will discharge any power left in them or the wires. After waiting for a couple of minutes, you can turn the circuit breaker switch back on. It will resupply electricity to your AC unit.

Turn Your AC Unit On

Make sure you turn on the breaker before moving to the next step. Now turn on your AC unit and wait for a couple of minutes. Doing this will reset the unit automatically. After that, turn on your thermostat to make your AC start functioning.

Check If It Works

Resetting your AC will resolve various common problems. Therefore, to check if it works or not, you should now set your thermostat to a temperature of your choice. Then wait for some time as the system will take its time to have its effect in your room. If it provides sufficient cooling, it confirms that it is working well.

Following these simple steps, you can reset your central air conditioner in Rocklin and resolve several basic problems. However, it is also possible that resetting the unit would not bring any good results. It is because there are various types of ACs in the world, and yours can differ from others. So, let’s discuss what you can do in that case.

Find Its Reset Button

Some air conditioner manufacturers provide a separate button for the purpose of resetting the unit. If you locate this button (which is usually a sizable button colored in red and can be noticed easily), press it to reset the unit. It should automatically reset your AC and fix multiple basic problems.

However, if your AC unit doesn’t have this button, it is advised to check its user manual or manufacturer’s booklet to look for more information about resetting the unit.

How Often Should You Reset Your AC Unit?

It is normal to reset your air conditioner once in a blue moon. But if it requires you to reset it multiple times a month, for instance, every few days, there can be a different problem.

AC reset is a basic and DIY approach to fixing your central air conditioning unit but in case you are doing it too often, try to pay close attention to it while it’s functioning to determine (and get fixed) if there is any other problem.

For example, if it is making weird noises, there can be a problem with the fan or motor or the motor belt itself. In such cases, consider contacting an AC technician and avoid trying to fix significant issues yourself.

What If the Reset Button Doesn’t Help?

In most cases, a variety of problems are solved just by resetting your AC, but if you have reset it using the reset button and it still doesn’t work, there might be some other problem.

Over long-term usage, air conditioning systems tend to have general wear and tear, or a small internal part stops functioning.

These systems are a combination of electrical and mechanical components, and if even a single minor part malfunctions, the AC would not work correctly or not even turn on. For instance, a slight cut in any of the wires will disrupt the transfer, or the capacitors inside the AC unit can start malfunctioning, causing the motor not to run effectively or stop altogether.

Therefore, it is advised to get it checked by professionals. You may contact South Placer Heating and Air, as our certified technicians can perform an inspection and resolve issues that might not be fixed by resetting the AC.

How to Avoid Air Conditioning Problems in the Future?

Try your best to minimize the need to reset your AC, and there are some tips you can follow to do so. Let’s take a quick look at the points below for your help.

Cleaning: You should clean your AC air filter once a month or replace it if it is replaceable. Apart from that, clean the outdoor unit and its surrounding area too. The installation place of the outdoor unit should be free from any tree leaves, debris, and overgrown grass.

Maintenance: Just like your motor vehicles require maintenance from time to time, your central air conditioner in Rocklin also needs regular maintenance. Maintenance services ensure you won’t face any major issues in the future because professionals can find minor issues well on time and fix them before they grow bigger – a win-win situation for you! If you have been facing air conditioning issues that are not resolved after resetting it, you may hire knowledgeable, certified, and experienced technicians at South Placer Heating and Air. We can check your AC unit thoroughly, detect specific issues, and provide the best solution to help you live in a cool and comfortable environment at home. For air conditioning repair, replacement, or installation services in Rocklin contact us today by calling (916) 246-2089.