The Impact of Dirty Air Filters on HVAC Efficiency

Your HVAC system is one of the most hardworking devices in your home. It operates round the year to maintain the livability of your home. Every HVAC system has at least one filter. Your system’s filters are its lungs. Their primary function is to trap contaminants, such as dander, dust particles, and pollen in the air.

HVAC filters accumulate dust over time. A clogged filter is a recipe for disaster and can severely impact a system’s performance. No wonder, HVAC contractors strongly recommend changing filters every month. Still, think changing filters regularly is less important than other maintenance tasks? To help change your mind, we take a look at some grave consequences of using dirty filters noticed by air conditioning repair services in Rocklin.

Poor Performance

Clogged filters impede HVAC airflow. This creates hot and cold air spots within your home. When this happens, your HVAC goes into overdrive. It draws too much energy and has to work overtime to balance the temperature in different areas of your residence.

Poor Air Quality

Your air filter is designed to trap contaminants in the outside air before the system circulates it throughout your home. Clogged filters are unable to perform this task. Systems with clogged filters often distribute dust particles, dander, mold spores, pollen, and other contaminants throughout the home.

In people with weak immunity, inhalation of these contaminants can trigger allergies. Furthermore, dust and dirt particles can build up on critical components dragging down the efficiency of your system.

High Energy Usage

Are your high energy bills giving you nightmares? There is a good chance that your filters are clogged and no longer fit to use. A clogged filter makes the blower work harder. Overworked blowers run longer per cycle and need more energy to accomplish the desired result.

Additionally, a clogged filter is unable to distribute air evenly, causing the system to run longer and cycle more frequently.

Moisture Accumulation

Changes in air temperature can release moisture into the surrounding environment. A clogged air filter provides a larger surface area for moisture to condense on. Molds thrive on moisture. Mold spores that get trapped by the air filter will begin to grow on its interior surface. If this happens, your HVAC could be circulating air laden with mold spores.

Increased Humidity

A clogged air filter can adversely impact your system’s ability to manage indoor humidity, causing discomfort. Excess humidity will also force your system to work harder.

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