5 Tips to Improve AC Performance

A functional AC is a lifesaver in the sweltering heat. Air conditioning systems have to work harder than usual during the hot season and are highly prone to malfunctioning and faults.

It is common for air conditioners to short cycle in summer. Short cycling puts extra stress on your system, dragging down its performance. The last thing you want is to return home to a faulty AC on a hot summer afternoon.

With summer just around the corner, you must take the necessary steps to get your AC ready. Explore Roseville Air Conditioning Companies for inspection and maintenance. While your contractor will come up with and execute a plan to boost your system’s performance, you too must create and follow a list of must-dos to get the most out of your AC. With this thought in mind, let’s take a look at some simple yet effective steps every homeowner can take to improve the performance of their AC.

Insulate Exposed Ductwork

Over time, air ducts develop leaks. Conditioned air can escape through these leaks. This often results in uneven or inadequate cooling. To prevent this from happening, seal your ductwork that runs through unconditioned space.

Visible leaks can be sealed with a specialized UL-181-rated duct sealing tape. While you can fix visible leaks yourself, remember to ask your technician to check the ductwork during the next maintenance session.

Maintain the Condenser Unit

Trim vegetation and rake back leaves and debris around the condenser unit. If the unit is out-of-level, use rot-resistant shims to bring it back to level. Use a butter knife or fin-straightening tool to straighten bent fins. Thoroughly clean dirty fins. Vacuum the interior.

Keep Curtains and Blinds Closed

To prevent solar heat gain, keep your curtains and blinds drawn during the day. Use highly reflective, light-colored treatments and reflective shades. This will help block heat. When your home is cool, your AC coils less and can cool efficiently.

Keep Heat-Producing Appliances Away From Your Thermostat

The heat from appliances such as lamps tells a thermostat that the air in the home needs to be cooled more. This causes the air conditioner to run longer and harder. When an air conditioner runs for extended periods, its performance takes a hit. To steer clear of performance and other issues, place heat-producing appliances away from your thermostat.

Change Filters Regularly

The importance of replacing AC filters cannot be emphasized enough. Systems with dirty filters have to work extremely hard to cool homes. This can give rise to some of the most frustrating summertime AC problems, such as uneven and inadequate cooling. To steer clear of these problems, replace your filters every month.

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