The Importance of Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance

During summer, there is nothing that feels better than coming in out of the heat, and into your cool home. However, most homeowners do not give their air conditioning a second thought, let alone having it serviced regularly. At least not until it breaks down, which is usually, as luck may have it, at the hottest time of the year.

At South Placer Heating and Air, we always remind our clients it is important to bear in mind that your HVAC system is a lot like your car; it needs regular air conditioning service in El Dorado Hills to function optimally. When maintained well, a working HVAC can keep your home comfortable for several years. This is why it is prudent that you service your air conditioning from time to time.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Service in El Dorado Hills

Save on Repairs – Experts say that a typical air conditioning unit loses about 5 percent of its efficiency as it ages each year. Components deteriorate and breakdown, and without routine maintenance, homeowners may have to bear hefty repair bills or replace the unit altogether. Fortunately, you can keep your HVAC system running at its best by choosing our air conditioning service in El Dorado Hills to perform a tune-up.

Save on your electric bill – There is no arguing that your power bills can get high during the heat of summer. Air conditioning units hog on power and will pull more power every year if they are not maintained. Despite owning an energy efficient unit, you will notice that years of neglect will add up and reflect in your power bills. However, proper care and air conditioning service in El Dorado Hills will help keep your unit at up to 95% of its efficiency.

Save your warranty – While you may have got a great warranty when you purchased your air conditioning unit, the factory warranty can be made void if you neglect maintenance. Many leading manufacturers require regular or annual maintenance for your A/C unit’s warranty to be honored. So, if you have neglected maintenance, do not be surprised when your handyman thrusts you a hefty bill that is not covered by warranty.

These are but a few of the many benefits of having choosing air conditioning service in El Dorado Hills. Contact South Placer Heating and Air, for fast and friendly service.