How Do You Know If Your Heater Is Leaking Carbon Monoxide?

A heater is an essential, beneficial part of a household. However, if you do not take care of it properly, it could cause significant damage to your home. One of the major issues that may arise from a lack of heater maintenance is a carbon monoxide leak.

Carbon monoxide is a scentless, colorless gas that could cause a person’s death. Therefore, you need to be careful if you suspect that there may be a carbon monoxide leak from your heating system. Here are some signs to look for that may indicate a carbon monoxide leak from Sacramento heating system experts, South Placer Heating & Air.

Signs That Indicate a Carbon Monoxide Leak from Your Heater

Carbon monoxide emissions are generated by a heater during normal use. However, these emissions are minimal and are typically properly vented outdoors through your home’s venting and pipes.

When these emissions start leaking within the household, it becomes dangerous. Here are a few signs that you can be on the lookout to understand if there is a leak.

If the air becomes stuffy, smelly, or if you detect the smell of something burning from overheating

  • If you notice soot near your fireplace
  • Yellowish-brown stains near the appliance, indicating that it is leaking
  • If you notice a high amount of condensation at windows near the appliance when humidity in the house is alright
  • If you notice that instead of the upward draft of air in a chimney, the air has a downward current
  • If the pilot light keeps on blowing out frequently
  • If you notice that fires from solid fuel are burning much slower than usual
  • If you start noticing soot, fumes, or smoke in the house, especially near the appliances and the chimney

Although carbon monoxide is odorless, it does get mixed with the fumes while leaking from the heater. Remain on the lookout for such smells.

These are a few of the common signs that indicate a carbon monoxide leak. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above appear in your household, take immediate action.

 What Should I Do if My Heater Is Leaking Carbon Monoxide?

The first thing you should be doing is shutting off the system and immediately call in an expert. While you’re waiting for their arrival, open the windows of your home to help vent the gas and step out of the house.

To avoid such situations, you need to have your heater inspected and maintained frequently. A carbon monoxide leak occurs due to the backflow of the air within the system. This happens if the filters are dirty, have not been replaced in a long time, or the system is in disrepair.

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