Signs That You Need a New Furnace

Your furnace is the only thing that stands between you and cold nights. A furnace is designed to heat and distribute air throughout the home.

Furnaces, like other domestic appliances, are not designed to last a lifetime. A furnace that fails to serve its purpose or is beyond repair should be replaced in a timely manner.

Many homeowners struggle to answer the question – when should I replace my furnace? They are unable to decide whether their furnace needs repair or is nearing the end of its service life and must be replaced.

If you too are facing the conundrum, you have come to the right place. Here are some telltale signs you need a new furnace as noticed by furnace repair companies in Sacramento.

Rising Energy Bills

If your energy bill has increased exponentially in the last few years, there is a good chance that your furnace is on its last legs. With time, the parts of a furnace wear out. This impacts its performance and decreases the unit’s overall efficiency.

A furnace with worn parts draws too much energy to operate and meet your heating needs. If you are reluctant to invest in a new furnace, be sure to remember that you will save more energy (and money) in the long run by upgrading to a more efficient unit.

Your System’s Age

While many high-end, smart furnaces can last up to 40 years, an average system has a service life of 15-30 years. Check your owner’s manual or look up your system’s model number to determine the age of your furnace.

If, however, you recently shifted to a new house, and there is no way you can find out the age of a furnace that came with the property, ask your Sacramento HVAC expert to inspect the system.

Frequent Repairs

Furnaces incur the most repairs during the final years of their service life. The rule of thumb says that if your system has needed more than a couple of furnace repairs in the last year, it’s time to move on and get a new furnace.

It is not uncommon for old furnaces nearing the end of their service life to develop complex issues requiring expensive repairs. If the repair cost exceeds 50 percent of the cost of a new system, you should seriously consider replacing your furnace.

Visible Signs of Damage

Years of wear and tear take a toll on the health of a furnace. You know it’s time to replace your furnace if you notice signs of rust or cracks developing in and around it. If your furnace has multiple cracks or leaks, it may be beyond repair and should be replaced.

Weird Noises

Furnaces nearing the end of their service life often make loud, strange noises. If your furnace makes a buzzing or rattling noise, consider it a sign that you should look into a new system.

Still can’t decide whether you need a new furnace? Let experts at South Placer Heating and Air help. Our team of Sacramento experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your system to determine whether you should have your furnace repaired or replaced. To schedule an appointment, call us at (916) 246-2089.