Signs Your Heater Needs Expert Help

Your heater is one of the most useful household appliances in your home. When temperatures plummet, your heater goes into overdrive, working round the clock to keep your home warm. But, like every other household appliance, your heater can run into problems. A faulty heater may stop working in the middle of a cold, chilly night, leaving you high and dry.

Ignoring heater problems could prove to be a mistake. Unaddressed problems can snowball into significant issues that can lead to costly repairs or, even worse, cause irreparable damage to your heater. You may have to replace it sooner than expected.

Here are some signs you must have a professional inspect your heater immediately.

Poor Heating

The most obvious sign of heater trouble is its inability to produce enough heat. If some rooms in your home are colder than others, your heater needs help to distribute heat evenly throughout your home.

Weak airflow can also indicate heater problems. A problem with the ductwork or the blower fan can cause airflow issues. Regardless, you will want to schedule heater repair in Roseville as soon as possible.

High Energy Bills

If your usage patterns have stayed the same, but your energy bills are still rising, your heater may be to blame. Age-related deterioration or system problems can affect your heater’s efficiency. As a result, it may need more electricity than usual to run.

A professional will check the different parts of your heater to see if they’re damaged. They may also conduct a few tests to check whether the parts work properly. Trying to repair a heater that is on its last legs or damaged beyond repair is a waste of time, money, and effort. Your heating contractor will help you determine if your heater needs repair or is beyond saving and should be replaced.

Strong Unpleasant Odors

Do strange odors fill your house every time you switch your heater on? The sooner you have a professional check it, the better. Stale, musty odors indicate bacterial or mold growth, whereas a burning smell could mean dust accumulating on heater components.

A damaged internal component or a burning plastic or rubber part can also produce a burning smell. If you fail to deal with the problem promptly, your heater may break down. Things may seem to go well; when you least expect it, the unit can go kaput.

Weird Noises

While it is normal for a heater to make some noise when running, loud noises could indicate a heater problem. Here are some every day heater noises and what they mean.

  • A rattling noise could mean your motor is in bad shape and should be checked by an expert.
  • A loud squealing noise could indicate problems with the motor’s bearing.
  • A screeching noise could indicate that the blower wheel is off balance or the bearings are having difficulty moving.
  • A loud banging or popping noise immediately after you turn on your thermostat could be caused by delayed ignition.
  • A squealing noise could mean your fan belt is misaligned or worn down or the blower fan motor needs lubrication.
  • If you hear a scraping noise,the blower fan has come loose from its mount.

If you hear these noises, have your contractor check your heater immediately, or the underlying problem may worsen.

Short Cycling or Non-stop Running

Short cycling occurs when your heater turns on and off too frequently. Your heater may fail to turn off at the other end of the spectrum.

A malfunctioning heat exchanger can cause short cycling. If you have a bad heat exchanger, it can overheat and cause the system to shut down. When it cools down, the system turns on again. If your system runs constantly, a problem is causing it to take too long to reach the adequate temperature. In either case, reach out to a professional for help.

Your Pilot Light Flame is Not Blue

Do you use a gas-powered burner to heat your home? Look carefully at its pilot light flame. It should be blue. If your pilot light flame is yellow, red, orange, or purple, your furnace is not working correctly. There is a high probability that something other than methane is burning in your heater. This indicates the presence of tar, dust, rust flakes, or oil. These condensates do not burn cleanly and give off harmful chemicals.

Do not check the heater yourself. Switch the system off and call your contractor.

Heater Maintenance Tips

They say prevention is better than cure. Why wait for your heater to run into problems and then repair it when you can prevent heating issues in the first place by regularly maintaining it? Follow these tips to keep your heater working at its peak efficiency.

  • Clean Your Heater: Remove dust from the inside using a clean, soft cloth. Take off the sides of your heater and vacuum out any dust and debris. Clean your heater’s blade with a wet cloth. If you have a gas heater, clean the combustion and blower fan chamber. 
  • Check For Corrosion or Holes: Inspect the combustion chamber for holes. Make sure the joints in your vent are tightly secured.
  • Schedule a Heater Tune-up: Have a professional check your heater once every year. During a tune-up, your contractor will repair, replace, or adjust the parts of your heater. They will lubricate the moving parts and check all wiring connections.

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