Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Safe

Air conditioners are one of the most important appliances in our homes. With proper maintenance, an average air conditioning system can last 15-20 years.

How you use your air conditioner has a major impact on its lifespan and performance. If you are making mistakes with your air conditioner, it may develop serious issues and break down before the end of its service life. Are you looking for ways to extend the service life of your system? Avoid these air conditioning mistakes.

Loose Wiring

An air conditioning system uses a number of electrical components. Ignoring electrical wiring issues such as loose connections, faulty wiring, and exposed or damaged wires can be a costly mistake.

A frayed wire or a faulty connection can damage your AC and pose a great safety threat. Air conditioning companies in Roseville recommend repairing or replacing faulty wiring as soon as possible.

Ignoring Maintenance

An air conditioning system, just like any other household equipment, can develop issues over time. While some AC problems are easy to spot, many others can go unnoticed for a long time.

You cannot buy your AC and forget it. Air conditioners, just like other household equipment, require regular maintenance. Have your cooling system inspected and maintained by an expert at least once a year (preferably before summer).

During maintenance sessions, your technician will check for and troubleshoot problems. They will calibrate different components of the system. The professional will clean and repair/replace faulty parts.

Running the System 24/7

Running your system around the clock does not just stress it out(increasing the wear and tear), but will also cost you a ton of money. To cut cooling costs and destress your AC, switch off the system when no one is home.

If you hate coming back to a stuffy, humid home, set your thermostat up to 7-10 degrees above the normal setting (78⁰ F). Most ACs do not need more than a few minutes to cool. When using your AC, close doors, and windows to prevent the conditioned air from escaping. Switch off your system once your home reaches the desired temperature level.

Installing the AC in a Hot Spot

Many people find it convenient to install their ACs in an unused hot spot. Avoid making this mistake at all costs.

Placing your system in an unused corner that receives direct rays from the sun will force it to work harder. Instead, install your system in a shady spot. Window-mounted ACs should be tilted back slightly to allow for proper drainage.

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