Should My Air Conditioner Run All the Time?

Having a functional air conditioner, especially in the peak of summer, can be a real blessing. A functional air conditioner sucks hot air through the duct, cools it and then circulates it back in the house. A dysfunctional air conditioner is unable to perform the task effectively. One of the most common issues that families face during summer is a continuously running AC. Though it is normal for an air conditioner to operate more frequently during summer, if your AC runs all the time, you may have a problem at hand.

When Should You Be Worried

It is perfectly normal for air conditioners to run longer than usual when summer hits its peak. That said, even then your AC should turn on and off as needed. Here are some signs that there is something seriously wrong with your air conditioner:

  • It does not turn off (runs all the time)
  • Your energy costs are going through the roof even though you haven’t changed your usage pattern
  • Your indoor air temperature does not change, no matter how long your air conditioner operates

You know it’s time to schedule air conditioning service in El Dorado Hills if you notice these symptoms.

What Causes an AC unit to Run All the Time?

Airflow Problems

Air conditioners need room to breathe. If your AC runs all the time, there is a good chance that the air flow to and from it is blocked. Some common reasons for airflow problems are – a clogged filter, ductwork leaks, blocked vents, and faulty motor. To address these problems, change your filter and make sure no vents are blocked.

Refrigerant Leak

Every AC has refrigerant – a compound that soaks heat from the environment and provides refrigeration. Some signs of refrigerant leaks are icy build-up on your AC, strange hissing noises, and inefficient cooling. A refrigerant leak will not just drag down your AC’s performance, but can also cause mild symptoms.

Your AC is Nearing the End of its Service Life

ACs are not designed to last a lifetime. Most ACs are built to last for 15-25 years. If your AC is nearing the end of its service life, it will have to put in more effort to perform its functions. Additionally, an old AC will need frequent repairs. Talk to your HVAC expert about getting a new, energy-efficient system for your home.

Unclean Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils accumulate dust and dirt with time. The dirtier your evaporator coils, the more difficult it is for your refrigerant to absorb heat. ACs with unclean evaporator coils will continuously run, but are unable to cool the air circulated by the system.

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