6 Things to Consider When Buying a Split Air Conditioner

A split air conditioning installation in El Dorado Hills is a great way to increase temperature control throughout your home. Instead of keeping every room at the same temperature, this kind of configuration allows you to adjust and alter different rooms, which not only provides a fine tune adjustment for temperature, but it may also save you a considerable amount of money as you’ll no longer pay to cool air in rooms you rarely use. However, before moving forward with the split air conditioner installation, the team at South Placer Heating and Air wants to make sure you consider every aspect of the system.

  • Is it Weather Resistant?

Yes, split AC units are fully weather resistant. So, whether it rains cats and dogs or there is a random snowfall, all outdoor equipment is perfectly taken care of.

  • HVAC Professional Services Needed

When installing a single window unit, it is pretty straightforward and easy to utilize. However, the split AC system is different and much more complex. That is why it is important for you to take advantage of professional installation services, to make sure it is properly configured, set up and ready for you to use in your home.

  • Zone system

One of the big problems with individual window units is the inability to cool a large area (such as multiple rooms). Most window units are designed to only cool a single room. With the split system, you are able to have different AC hardware installed in different rooms of the house. This way, you can control the temperature in the rooms you are most likely to use.

  • Is Tubing Needed?

Yes – while you do not require extensive ventilation, systems running through the house, the tubing will be needed to connect individual units together.

  • Replacing a Full Unit

There are different elements to split unit ACs. However, if a major component of the split unit fails, you will need to replace the entire system.

  • Holes

A hole will need to be drilled, but it’s only a few inches in diameter.

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