What You Need to Know About Air Conditioning Installation in El Dorado Hills

Central air conditioning is an effective way to cool and heat your entire home. You control everything from a single thermostat, which is great when you have a large family or use every room in the house. However, before you install an air conditioning in El Dorado Hills, you need to make sure you’re educated on what will happen, and how you need to prepare your home. To do that, South Placer Heating and Air has these five things you need to know before adding central AC.

  1. The Necessary Size

Every home is different in size. Your square footage may be substantially different from your neighbor. That means you don’t need the same central AC setup. So, before you go about having your new AC installed in your El Dorado Hills home, make sure you take it over with your professionals to determine the right sizing options for your house.

  1. Ducts

One of the biggest questions homeowners curious about central AC have is regarding ducts. They assume it is necessary to install new air ducts, especially if they have an older home. That, however, is not the case. In fact, it is possible to use the current configuration of the old AC (or the forced air system built into the house) and connect the new central air system to it.

  1. Incentive Options

One of the great opportunities you have available is the state offered incentives for using energy efficient central AC systems. Make sure you talk it over with your service provider to find out exactly what kind of money saving opportunities you have available.

  1. Buy in the Winter

Did you know you’ll save money on installations of your new central AC during the winter?

  1. Watch the Filter

You will need to stay on top of the air filter in your central AC. You can’t just turn it on and forget about it. Keep your filter replaced (every two to three months or so) for optimal air quality and efficiency.

South Placing Heating and Air

At South Placer Heating and Air, it is all about keeping your home comfortable. So whether you’re interested in air conditioning installation in El Dorado Hills, are curious about ways you can cut energy consumption throughout the year, or have questions about other services our company offers, now is the perfect time to contact our team.