How AC Temperature Settings Impact Costs

Air conditioners are one of the most useful household devices. When temperatures rise, your AC helps maintain the livability of your home by cooling different areas. However, air conditioners consume more energy than fans.

If you use multiple air conditioners, summer means high energy consumption and high electricity bills. One of the most important factors that affect your cooling costs is the temperature you set your air conditioning at.

To ensure maximum energy efficiency, AC companies in Roseville suggest setting the temperature of your AC between 70 and 80 degrees in the summer. People living in warmer climates can set the cooling temperature of their AC a little lower in summer.

How Do Temperature Settings Affect Energy Efficiency? 

The lower your set your AC temperature, the harder it will have to work. This will result in higher cooling costs. A study estimates that every time an AC owner reduces their temperature by one degree in summer, their energy consumption goes up by 10 percent.

Other Factors That Affect Cooling Costs
Sealing and Insulation

If the area you are trying to cool is not properly sealed or insulated, the cool air will escape at a faster rate forcing your system to work harder. As a result, you will have to operate your AC for longer.

Maintenance Issues

You know you are in trouble when you cannot remember the last time you had your system inspected and maintained by your technician. No matter the type of AC you use, maintaining it should top your priority list.

Several air conditioner problems, including uneven and inadequate cooling (or no cooling), can result from inadequate maintenance. To steer clear of performance and other issues, have your system maintained at least once every year.

During maintenance sessions, your technician will clean different parts and ensure the unit is functioning correctly. The professional will look for signs of current and potential issues, and address them before they get out of hand. They will also repair or replace faulty parts.

Your Air Conditioner’s Energy Efficiency

Devices with high energy efficiency draw less energy to perform their designated tasks. An energy-efficient AC will take less time than a system with low or average energy efficiency to cool different areas of your home.

When buying an AC, look for the blue ENERGY STAR certification. You should opt for a system with high EER and SEER. Other features to look out for are energy-saving settings and programmable temperature settings.

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