How to Deal with Energy Efficiency Issues

Are you fed up with soaring electricity bills? Do you feel helpless in controlling the overall energy consumption of your HVAC systems? If you are saying, “YES!”, we might be able to help you. To find the secret to saving energy is as simple as finding and repairing the actual causes of energy wastage in your current HVAC system. There are chances that your system might be working harder in order to maintain its regular performance.

What are the Common Reasons Behind Excess Energy Consumption?

It’s not always about complicated technical stuff. Sometimes, small disparities can create problems in your HVAC systems.

  • Many times it’s the dirty and clogged filters behind excess energy consumption.
  • If the coils of your HVAC systems are dirty, they won’t be able to circulate air properly.
  • The incorrect ventilation system can also affect the amount of incoming air into the HVAC systems making it consume more energy to work efficiently.
  • Faulty dampers are also a major cause of excess energy consumption.
  • Regular wear and tear if not taken care of timely, can also lead to this problem.

Tips for Improving Your HVAC Efficiency

1. Close Your Home – One of the simplest and most effective tips is to keep your doors, windows, and any other passages closed while your HVAC system is on. Your AC will consume more energy to reach the preset temperature if the home is not closed properly and vice-versa.

2. Check Economizers – Also known as a stabilizer, economizer is a device attached with your HVAC unit to ensure the best efficiency of your HVAC system. At times, it fails to fulfill its duties so you have to step in to correct it.

3. Check Your Home Warranty – There is a significant difference between a home warranty and home insurance. Home warranty exclusively guarantees your home systems like HVAC from a complete shutdown. You can contact a heating system company in Sacramento and request its technicians to diagnose and correct the problems before it’s too late.

Apart from these simple tips, you can also recheck your thermostat if it’s showing the correct temperature or not, control the variable frequency drive or just clean the coils, and connect the timers. Over a period of time, your HVAC system will become less efficient unless you take proper precautionary and caring steps for it. By doing some preventive maintenances, you will not only increase the efficiency, but also the operating lives of your appliances. For more information, contact South Placer Heating and Air at 916-246-2089.