Is Your Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Finding a pool of water when you wake up in a place it doesn’t belong, can certainly be a major cause of concern. Most homeowners begin to panic worrying where the leak is coming from, and more importantly, how much will it cost to be fixed. Let us not forget the damage a leak can cause in your home, especially if it is your central air conditioner in Rocklin that is leaking water inside. Listed below are a few tips on how you can fix this problem. But, before you try to figure out what to do next, take these steps to minimize damage:

Turn Off the AC system– It is needless to say that the first step you must take when you suspect a leak is to stop the water flow, and thereby protect your AC unit from further damage.

Clean Up the Water – Next, it is time to mop up the water that has leaked in order to prevent damage to your walls, floors, and furniture in your home. You may rely on a shop vac if the pool of water is big!

Reasons for an Air Conditioner Leaking Water

Clogged condensate drain line – A clogged drain line is most often the culprit. If the condensate drain gets clogged with dirt, grime, sludge or even mold, the water will begin to back up into your home. In such a scenario, you will need to unclog it. A sure-shot way to fix this problem is to call in a professional who will use a special vacuum to suck out the blockage in a jiffy.

Rusted or damaged drain pan – If you own a really old air conditioner, chances are the drain pan may be rusted through, causing the water to drip. Simply replace the damaged rust pan, and the leak will be a story of the past.

Broken condensate pump – Is your air conditioning unit installed in the basement? If yes, it is likely that a condensate pump is installed to pump the water outside. When this pump breaks, the water will not be pumped out any more. Replace the pump to remedy the flooding in your basement due to an air conditioning leak.

Dirty air filter – Many a times, a dirty air filter may be causing your air conditioner to leak. A clogged filter blocks air flow, which causes the evaporator coil to freeze. When the ice begins to melt, the coil will begin to drip, and the pan may not be able to handle the overflow causing a pool of water inside your home.

If changing a clogged air filter did not help, it is time to call South Placer Heating and Air to repair your central air conditioner in Rocklin. We provide top-notch air conditioning services in Rocklin and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 916-246-2089 to schedule an appointment.