Are You Concerned About Your AC Short Cycling?

If your air conditioning unit is turning on and off frequently, you may be dealing with something known as short cycling. While this is a common air conditioning problem many homeowners face, it can also turn into a costly repair if it is not caught and fixed in time. Listed below are a few of the most common reasons behind short cycling, and some quick fixes that can bail you out before you call in a reputed service that offers air conditioning services in El Dorado Hills.

What is ShortCycling?

Short cycling occurs when your AC begins to struggle to cool your home as it keeps starting and stopping in short bursts. These really short cycles will prevent your home from staying cool, and will also cause a spike in your energy bill. If not fixed in time, short cycling can put a big strain on your unit, and cause it to break down completely.

What Causes ShortCycling?

Clogged air filter– The air filters in an HVAC system often get clogged, and cause numerous problems including short cycling. However, this is an easy and fast fix. Simply replace the clogged filter with a clean one, and you are good to go!

Loss of refrigerant – Here is yet another common cause of short cycling. When your air conditioning unit has trouble releasing or absorbing heat via its many coils, it can force the compressor to fail prematurely. In other words, if an air conditioning unit is low on refrigerant charge, it will lead to a compressor burn out. Replacing the compressor is often as expensive as buying a new unit. Hence, it is prudent that you have an experienced service provider that offers air conditioning installation in El Dorado Hills check the refrigerant levels in your unit from time to time.

Thermostat malfunction – When the thermostat in your home begins to register ghost readings, it will make your AC turn on and off rapidly. The best way to sort this would be to replace the thermostat. If you have an old thermostat, it is a good opportunity to upgrade to a latest energy saving model. If you want to make the Pennywise makeup seem more frightening, then you may add additional characteristics such as stitches. This makeup is a fantastic example.

Oversized AC – If your air conditioner has been short cycling since the day it was installed, it is likely that you may have installed an oversized unit for your home. To solve the problem, you will need to replace your unit with a professionally sized one that meets your exact cooling needs.

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