Frequently Asked Questions About Ductless AC Systems

When choosing an air conditioning system, you need to be certain that it is the right model for your home. Central air conditioning systems are ideal for homes with existing ducts. However, if you have an old home with no existing ductwork, consider investing in a ductless system.

To help you decide whether a ductless AC system is right for you, we answer some FAQs about ductless systems.

What is a Ductless System?

A ductless or ductless mini-split system, as the name suggests, does not need ductwork to cool your home. Ductless indoor units can be placed in every room for individual heating and cooling. They usually comprise two components – an air handling unit and an outdoor heat pump.

How Does a Ductless System Work?

Ductless systems work in the same way as traditional heat pumps. In summer, the air handler moves the warm air in your home over the evaporator coil. The refrigerant in the coil absorbs heat and directs the stale air to the outdoor unit.

In winter, the outdoor unit absorbs heat from the outside. It then transports the warm air to the air handler, which distributes it throughout your home.

What Are Some Benefits of Ductless Systems?

Here are some benefits of ductless air conditioning systems:

  • No Need to Install Ductwork: If your home does not have ductwork, a ductless mini-split system can be the right choice for you as you won’t have to install ductwork (which is both expensive and time taking).
  • Space Efficiency: Ductless systems come in various shapes and sizes, and can be easily installed in utility closets or up high out of the way.
  • Energy Efficiency: A major shortcoming of traditional central air conditioning systems is that they lose energy through ducts. Since ductless systems do not have ducts, they are more energy-efficient than central air conditioning units.
  • Make Less Noise: Ductless systems are much quieter than central air conditioners.
How Much Do Ductless Systems Cost to Install?

Expect to spend up to $5,000 to install a ductless system. Actual installation cost will depend on different factors such as the age and size of your home, whether the project involves removing an old system, and the number of indoor units required.

How Long Do Ductless Systems Last?

With proper maintenance, a ductless system can last up to 20 years.

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