Air Conditioning Installation in Rocklin, CA – Keeping Your Finished Basement Cool

You thought your basement was finished, but it turns out you’re still missing that final step before the guest room, home theater or man cave becomes the destination you were hoping. It’s summer and nobody wants to sleep, watch or play where it’s uncomfortably hot. You need air conditioning installation in Rocklin, CA, and our staff at South Placer Heating and Air is here you keep cool.

Here’s a look at some of your options for keeping cool downstairs this summer.

Central Air Conditioning

The central air conditioner upstairs may also be able to cool downstairs. Our team of HVAC technicians can add more ductwork to your current system to include the basement. Not only would your finished basement be comfortable, but you would be able to set a consistent temperature down there with the rest of the house.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Another popular choice for cooling down a finished basement is a ductless mini-split system. These units are mounted directly in the wall and won’t take up any floor space. An HVAC technician is needed to cut a hole in the exterior wall of the house as the compressor is situated outside. These units will only cool down one room, but they have the benefit of being quiet and are a less expensive option to replacing or adding on to a central air conditioning unit.   

Window Units or Portable Air Conditioners

If the price is your concern, then one of these units may be the way to go. Installation is easy, but given the size of the unit, they only cool a small area. You may find you need two or three units to get the desired level of cooling downstairs.

One common complaint of a portable air conditioner is the noise. Some models are loud when running which can take away from the enjoyment of the space. If you are looking into a portable unit, make sure you look for one with a low-decibel rating. Another tip? You can also keep them on top of a carpet or towel to minimize the vibrations and sound.


“You know it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” No doubt you’ve heard this phrase when discussing the weather with your neighbor, well the same can be said for your basement. Even if the heat is manageable you may find yourself sweaty and uncomfortable downstairs thanks to the high levels of moisture in the air. One solution may be installing a dehumidifier.

Ait Conditioning Installation and More in Rocklin, CA

Don’t let hot summers keep you from enjoying your finished basement. Our professionalism, experience, and affordability are unparalleled when it comes to air conditioning companies in Rocklin. For more information about installation or any other services, contact us today.