Are You Concerned About Short Bursts in Your AC?

Is your air conditioning unit turning on and off all the time? Well, you are experiencing something known as short cycling – a very common air conditioning problem that many homeowners experience. If not caught and fixed in time, this can turn into an expensive repair! Thankfully, many companies that deal with air conditioning installation in El Dorado Hills can remedy this problem. Today, we present to you a list of the common causes of short cycling, and how they can be easily fixed.

Common Causes of Short-Cycling

Thermostat location – The thermostat in your home acts as a trusty informant. It uses the temperature in your room as a benchmark to decide when the system should be turned ON and OFF. If the thermostat in your home is way too close to a supply air vent or even near a window, it will struggle to understand the actual temperature in your home. This leads to a never-ending ON-OFF battle for your air conditioning unit.

The fix is simple. Install your thermostat in a centralized location with the help of an experienced company that deals with air conditioning services in El Dorado Hills.

Dirty air filter– One of the main reasons an air conditioning unit struggles to function, and understandably so, is the air filter. A dirty filter comes in the way of airflow; aside from causing a slew of other issues such as a frozen evaporator coil. These issues can cause your cooling unit to malfunction by turning it off and on in short bursts.

The fix is simple again. Simply replace or clean up the clogged filter regularly to avoid bigger problems that can turn into an expensive repair. If cleaning the air filter doesn’t resolve the short cycling, call in a professional to check your evaporator coils.

Leaking Refrigerant – Freon is the commonly used coolant in most air conditioning units. This refrigerant flows through your AC, and absorbs the heat, and cools down the air inside your house. When your unit is low on refrigerant, it will mess with the pressure level that is needed for the compressor of your ACto operate optimally. More often than not, a leak in the refrigerant can cause short bursts.

Do not attempt to fix this issue on your own. Call in a trained professional to refill the refrigerant, and fix the leak.

An over-sized AC and faulty components can also cause your unit to short burst. Get a trustworthy AC company that deals with air conditioning installation in El Dorado Hills to look into the problem for you to avoid hefty energy bills, and ensure optimum cooling in your home. If you are in need of superior HVAC services, look no further than South Placer Heating and Air. Call us today at 916-246-2089 to schedule a home visit!