5 Main Causes of Temperature Imbalance in a Home

At times, you may feel a sickening temperature imbalance in between your rooms. A major temperature difference can be experienced in the living room and bedrooms. While your living room is cozy and warm, bedrooms could be freezing at the same time. It can get annoying because you are paying for the complete central air conditioning, and what you get in return is not satisfactory. This can be very frustrating. We take a look at some of the major underlying issues that lead to temperature imbalance.

Some common reasons for temperature imbalance:

1. Improper HVAC Size – You might face such temperature imbalance issues if your HVAC systems are of improper sizes. This will not only result in imbalanced cooling or heating but can also be a signal for a long-term appliance damage. During winters, inefficient airflow can lead to freezing of the system’s evaporator coil and vice-versa.

2. Location of the Rooms – No need to say that the rooms that are closer to the AC or fireplace will automatically get most of the airflow as compared to the ones that are located at the far end. This can create a major temperature imbalance in the rooms. You can increase the airflow by either increasing the power of your HVAC system or install a different unit targeting these rooms.

3. Windows – It is a natural fact that a room which experiences the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day will be harder to cool down, than the rest. This means that the direction of the room and the number of windows can also be a factor contributing to temperature imbalance in your home. Improperly sealed window panes can add to your woes!

4. Leaking Duct – There are instances where the airflow is affected by leakages in the duct. Even the slightest leakage by improperly insulated ducts can adversely affect the airflow in the house. In case your HVAC system has a larger leakage, it can result in complete suspension of airflow to the distant rooms.

5. Temperature Difference in a Single Home – You can expect a temperature difference of at least 8-10 degrees on different floors. Generally, the lower floor is cooler as compared to the upper floor. To get this problem resolved, you should immediately contact an expert heater repair professional in Roseville.

Temperature imbalances can be caused due to many reasons. But, it’s good to know that you can control these factors, and there is a solution to the problem related to it. For professional assistance in this regard, contact South Placer Heating and Air at 916-246-2089 today!