8 Ways to Keep Heating Bills Down

You should expect your electricity bill to increase as you continue to use your heating system to maintain a cozy and comfortable home. A steep rise in your energy bills can, however, throw your budget out of whack.

Follow these tips to ensure keeping your home warm in a way that does not hurt your wallet.

Seal any Air leaks

In the average home, around 20% of conditioned air is lost because of air leaks and poor insulation. Air leaks can cause your energy bills to increase by 25 to 40%. Often, old doors and windows are the culprit for air leaks.

Inspect your windows, doors, and light fixtures to see if their weather stripping is damaged. Repair any damage straightaway. If an old door or window is damaged beyond repair, consider replacing it. Though replacing a new door or window will cost you more than repairs, it will save you on energy costs in the long run.

Leave Your Curtains Open During the day

The sun offers green and free energy in abundance. Why not use it to heat your home? To soak your home in sunlight, leave your curtains and blinds open during the day.

Close the Doors

Close the doors in areas that do not see much use. Keep all your doors closed when your central heating is on, or warm air may escape your home and your unit may have to work harder.

An overworked system can overheat stop. It may cause a sudden surge in your energy bill. An overworked system may break down more often and may need more frequent residential heating repair in El Dorado Hills.

If your heating system is forced to work harder and longer continuously for an extended period, it can break down prematurely.

Cook Indoors

One of the best ways to generate heat in the home is to cook indoors. When you cook something on the stove or roast food in your oven, it acts as an alternative heat source.

Cooking and sharing a meal with your loved ones is a great way to bond, and make up for lost time. After you have finished cooking in the oven, leave the door a-jar to allow some of the excess heat to escape into your home while the oven begins to cool back down.

Get A Tune Up

One of the most effective things you could do to prepare your furnace is to have a professional service it before the heating season. During a tune-up, your HVAC contractor will inspect every part of your heating system to see if it is working properly.

They will make sure your burners, filters and heat exchanger are in working order. The technician will repair, replace, and lubricate moving parts to reduce friction between them. They will perform different tests and treat current problems and address potential issues before they occur.

What does a furnace tune up include?

  •   During a tune-up session, the technician will
  •  Check and adjust fan belt tension
  •  Check and clean burner assembly
  • Verify and adjust gas pressure, if required
  •  Inspect and clean condensate drain, if needed
  • Check gas or oil line connections
  • Check and calibrate/adjust your thermostat

Turn Down Your Thermostat

Be sure to adjust your thermostat before leaving for work or a trip. You can save up to 10% every year on heating and cooling by turning your thermostat back 7-10 degrees F for eight hours a day.

If you do not mind sleeping in a cooler room, consider lowering the temperature at night. Turning down your thermostat is a great way to take some pressure off your furnace and your budget.

Use Your Fireplace

The warmer your home, the easier it is for your furnace to maintain a comfortable temperature. If your home has a fireplace, use it to bring some heat to your home. Have a forced heating system? Use it to circulate the warmth produced by your furnace.

You may want to make some minor modifications such as adding a pass through to an old fireplace to improve its efficiency. If you have a ranch style home, add transoms over the doors to allow for enhanced airflow.

Fireplaces can pose a burn hazard. Use your fireplace responsibly.

  • Here are some fireplace safety tips
  • Do not let pets and kids go near the fireplace when there’s no adult around
  •  Thoroughly clean out ashes before starting a fire
  • Maintain your chimney
  •  Install a fireplace screen
  • Never leave a fire unattended

Check Your Insulation

If you have an old home, it may be under insulated. To keep your home warm and comfortable, add insulation to it. Start by insulating your attic. When determining how much insulation you need, consider your location and the area you are insulating.

In addition to helping lower your heating costs, quality insulation materials can help with flammability and noise reduction.

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